Jet bridge not working in RPLL

Hi there i spawned 747-400 In RPLL terminal 1 Gate 5 and the jet bridge wasn’t working it says “ No Jet bridges Available nearby”

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Able to reproduce at this gate, but seems to work at adjacent gates. If an editor sees this, I’m sure they’ll report it, but if not, I’ll do what I can to let the appropriate parties know. Thank you!

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Negative, I tested several other gates in the terminal and they were working. If you have other gates other than T1 Gate 5, please either post it in this thread or create a separate ticket with specifics.

Oh ok, thanks for the correction.

Hey, we really appreciate reports like these! Thankfully, this was already fixed and RPLL will receive a nice and big refresh, courtesy of yours truly, in the next app update whenever that may be. Thanks once again for the continued help!