Jet bridge issue at KDTW

Hello support team,

I noticed some jet bridge issues at KDTW, and I’m not sure if this one has been reported yet.

Jet bridges at Concourse A from gate A30 to A60, only the second bridge can be docked to aircraft. I only tested this with A359 and A333, but I am not sure if this issue happens to other types of aircraft.

You can find this in the following screenshots.

Device: iPad Air (3rd generation)
Operating system: iPadOS 17.4.1


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I have informed the editor of the airport and it will be looked into.

Please do not expect a fix with next release cycle, we volunteer try hard but couldn’t make it always.

Thanks for the report,

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Thank you, Tom!

Update from the editor:

The 1st jetbridge being inoperative in-game is by design - it’s not operational in real life either. Only the jetbridge connecting to Door L2 is supposed to be operational.

Thank you for the report anyway!