Jet bridge Issue at Dubai

Device: iPad Pro 2021 19.2
Operating system: iOS

Hey guys!

Yesterday at Dubai int airport I was about to do a short flight to Barcelona with an Emirates 777-200LR and the jetbridge is not correctly placed and make the door go through the bridge on L1 door.

This is an issue that’s been known for a while. The way this is caused is by the jet bridge aiming to dock directly in the middle of the door, instead of it being offset a certain distance to account for the door to be opened which is seen in the real world.

Unfortunately, until there’s a further iteration, I don’t think it’s something we’ll be seeing a fix to, although you can remain hopeful that the developers might choose to address this not too long from now. Regardless, this is something that affects more planes than just the B777 family, rather, planes that have doors that can open might be affected for the same reasons as mentioned above.


Oh 😥

Well I hope they can fix it, thx for your response

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