Jet bridge extending into Tower at EGLL

Hello, I see something weird at Terminal 3 at EGLL airport. There is a Jetbridge that is inside of the airport tower as I arrived at Terminal 3 from Chicago O’Hare Airport. Here is the picture for evidence.

You’d be surprised to find that ATC have to get to work somehow :)



Wait what? So the jet bridge extends, it’s connecting to inside the tower? That’s weird. I’ve never seen that in my life. I thought it was a jetbridge where it connects to an aircraft where passengers go through to board the plane. All of a sudden it’s a jetbridge connecting to an airport tower? That’s something interesting at London Heathrow

Well technically it’s not a jetbridge. It looks like a jetbridge, but in the end it’s just a glass walkway connecting the tower to the main terminal to allow easy access for staff.

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Well I saw it as a jetbridge in the game, connecting to the airport tower which is weird. I figured that it’s a walkway not a jetbridge in LHR irl.

A jetbridge object is currently used in-game to resemble that. It’s intentional.

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See that’s why I saw that as a jetbridge because it’s used to resemble it as a walkway and that’s why I brought that up to IF support about this because it’s weird for it to connect to a tower instead of it connecting it to an aircraft like other jetbridge supposed to do when an aircraft is parked

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