Jet bridge connect to plane

I’m just wandering how do you connect the jet bridge to the plane I’m at the airport that they are animated but I don’t know how to connect the jet bridges

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Hey there! On the right side of your screen where you see all of the buttons such as parking brakes, flaps, etc. You will see an option that says “ground services” on the top of all of the options. You can click “connect jet bridge” and it will connect. You have to have your engines off and parking brake on in order to do this. Hope it helps!

Parking brake - ground service - button next to pushback

When you’ve spawned in for your flight, hit the Ground Services button, then there should be a button that allows you to have the jet bridges dock to your aircraft.

It is important to note that you must have your parking brakes engaged and all engines turned off to allow for this to happen. Let us know if you are encountering any issues.

Thanks I didn’t update my app yet I figured it out thanks they did an amazing job

No problem, they indeed did an amazing job!

May I ask a short little question before the topic closes?
Can I see weither other players have connected their aircraft with the jetbridges too or not?
Just tried the new feature out on a short flight from San Diego to Phoenix, parked near another aircraft both times and the only jetbridge that was connected to any aircraft on my screen was the one I was using in both cases. Did the other players just not use the feature or is that how is works?

No u cant. Only u can see your own jet bridge

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Okay, thank you

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Eventually will we be able to see others connected?

In the future, yes but for now, no because of device capabilities

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