Jet Bridge Canopy Animation

Since 22.1 we have had movable Jet Bridges that connect and disconnect, to different aircraft. However the canopy of these Jet bridges has not been animated this is resulted in jet bridges puncturing through many aircraft in infinite flight. In order to fix this problem we should have a jet bridge canopy animation that would connect and disconnect from the aircraft when the doors open and close.

I hope you will share my concern and vote for this feature

this is probably allready gonna come

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If I’m not mistaken, some of the canopies on jet bridges do extend in Infinite Flight. I’m almost certain I’ve seen it happen.

Got my vote

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These are the aircraft I’ve seen that have the canopy puncturing the aircraft all A350 E175,E190 A380 and all 777 versions

We really need this soon especially for the A380

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I’m in full support! Voted 🗳️

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Bumping this, we need this for the A380