Jet Bridge bug

Iphone 13 Pro
IOS 15.4.1


Hi there!

Could you let us know which airport and gate this was taken at? I can then let the team know internally.


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I think that’s Auckland but I don’t know which gate.


Looks like NZAA, yes. I had the same problem on the Domestic Terminal Gate 9 with an A320

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This happened to me on the Expert Server and in solo at JFK. I was in a Lufthansa A330-300 with engines off.

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Hiya! So assuming this is Auckland, I can say that this airport currently, like JFK, doesn’t have the jetbridges fully working just yet. They should come in a future update.


Auckland, just found out the jet bridges aren’t working yet so all good ✅👍

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Gate 6 NZAA

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The Stand Guidance system only works when you’re flying. Like jet bridges, they don’t work in replays quite just yet.

I know, i was showing which gate i was at

Yeah this happens at clt too.

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I gave KCLT some more love at the gates and terminals, check back in when the next app update is released.


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