Jet bridge and stairs

Today I did a flight from Zurich and when I activated the pax, this happen:

The first time I clicked on the pax button the stairs come and the second time jet bridge come and after that I can’t do anything with the pax button
I activated the beacon lights for let them go away:

I’ve seen some bug with the stairs come but it’s the first time I saw stairs and jet bridge at the same time.

Has anyone had this problem before?


What gate did this occur at?

Stairs over jetbridges >>>

It seems Atc behaves irresponsible.🦥

The same situation happened to me yesterday in Abu Dhabi after a 2-hour flight. :(

gate 52

Did you park where the stand guidance told u to?

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it’s not the same issue

Of course, I parked right where he said …

ok i gotta admit this is hilarious to look at

I looked again / stand guide showed me wrong at that moment 😆, I think this is a bug that happened at that moment . I’m sure I parked where I was told, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the photo. 🤒

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