Jet Bridge And Spoiler Problem

Hello IFC đź‘‹. I have a problem with the A380 ion the newest update.

  1. Spoilers not deploying
    When I tried to activate the spoilers on ground without the auto brakes, I wouldn’t deploy…

  2. A connect jet Bridge no where to be found
    When I turned off the engines and did everything, the connect bridge button wouldn’t show. Only the connect tug and the puch back button showed. Airport is EDDF…

Photo for problem 1:

Photo for problem 2:

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Settings: All to low, anti alliance thing off, FPS: 60
Version: Newest one. I forgot

This is intended. The armed spoilers will only deploy when auto brakes are configured.

There’s a separate tab for the jet bridges now. Similar to how the systems tab is.

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I couldn’t find it though

Right here.


there are 2 system in Ground Service. 1.) connect / stow Jetbridge 2.) for pushback. Try swipe or slide up or down

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Thx @Thunderbolt and @Capt.SkyWalker couldn’t find it for a sec. Have a nice rest of your day/night.