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Welcome to the official thread of Jet Airways Virtual! Feel the The Joy of Flying with us! Jet (1)


Who we are?

Welcome to Jet Airways Virtual . We were founded on Sept. 2, 2020 by a simple push from a like-minded person. As it goes, we ready our pillars in a week and wait for the application to go through. After a lots of tweaks here and there, we are finally here to leave you in awe of us! We started this Virtual Airline to increase its popularity all over the world. It reflects our happiness as anyone would feel while describing a thing very dear to them. It is a highly popular airline amongst Indians with a really stunning livery and we wish to bring forward the best the airline has to offer whether be it in terms of service , destinations or any aesthetic thing.
Visit the Jet Airways Virtual website to know more.


We are excited to introduce the staff of our VA! We have one of the best staff in the industry with an always helping, caring and humble attitude towards the pilots!

The Founders

President, @Deval_Surana
Vice President, @Raveesh

VA Managers

Chief Manager, @Mukundan_Srivatsa
Recreational Manager, @Jamaal_Kanyau

Pilot Development Cabinet

Head Of IFATC, @Jet_Airways_995
Chief Pilot, @Felix_Monroe

Perks of being a Jet Crew 

We build a strong foundation in Indian VA community and believe in encouraging our pilots regularly! We provide our pilots with regular rewarding events, a unique rewarding program, a smooth and hassle free pirep system, 3 Flight modes and most importantly, an always encouraging and supportive community!

With more than 1700 routes equivalent to 5,012 hours, we try our limit best to never make our pilots feel bored. Our aim say, we focus on providing our pilots with the Joy of Flying. We believe, every pilot should experience the happiness and explore all the corners of the world by joining or VA!

We invite pilots to come and explore the happiness of being a Jet Crew

 Flight Modes

We offer 3 flight modes to ensure that are pilots are never bored!

Explore Career Mode and Global Weekly to get a hint of excitement running in this VA!

 Communications and Crew Resources

We have recently shifted to Discord and our pilots are already enjoying it! With mini games and music VC to chill around, it makes our server an epic combination of fun as well as work!
We use Airtable as our primary VA Database. Well maintained and integrated with our Discord server, our pilots can have a seamless VA experience! To have a taste, visit our VA Dashboard set up on Airtable!

Check out the hints of our best in the field crew resources!

  1. Route Database: Our route database is one of the finest in the business. Offering a 2000+ routes, every route has it’s own airport charts attached to it. We have tried to make our route database as a one stop solution for our pilots!

  2. Pilot Dashboard: Our pilot dashboard is one of the most loved parts in the VA! Based on Airtable, our pilot dashboard is capable of providing Hours Flown, Rank, Flight Flown for the VA, Date of last activity and Recent Flight Logs for every pilot.

  3. Discord Server: Integrated with aviation related bots, music bots and mini games our Discord server is not only our communication platform, it is a place to relax and learn. Complying on the quote “Knowledge like blood must circulate” our head of IFATC, @Jet_Airways_995 posts a new Trivia question every week!

 Jet Shop 

An amazing add on to the VA experience, we provide our pilots with Jet Shop! Our pilots can buy some really cool stuff which can enhance their VA statistics. Visit our Jet Shop and have a look at amazing items available to buy! More items to be added with time.
All the jet shop transactions are made using Jet Miles which are calculated using hours flown and events attended

 Route Network 

Exotic, fun filled and thrilling can be some good synonyms to our Route Database! Crossing the borders around the globe, you can explore every corner of the world in our RD. Have a look at our state of art Route Database to see the 2000+ routes we offer!

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The regional flying king, Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 is one of the aircrafts we offer! Explore the beautiful Deccan Plateau of India and parts of Rajasthani Thar Dessert in this beautiful turbo-prop wrapped up in beautiful livery of our partner, Spicejet. Please note, this is temporarily in use in place of ATR series.

Here we are, presenting the most popular narrow body aircraft in the field, Boeing 737-900ER. Draped in beautiful Blue-Mustard-White livery of Jet Airways, explore majority of our destinations on this aircraft!

A modern twin engine, twin aisle wide body aircraft which is most popular amongst medium-long haul flight! Explore our European and far east destinations on this beauty. Want to see the A333 wrapped in smiling livery of Jet Airways, then do vote for the livery now!

The most common, widely used, long-haul legend, Boeing 777-300ER is here. The king of wide body aircrafts will help you explore our American, European and far east destination with certain domestic flights too! Want to see the 77W wrapped in smiling livery of Jet Airways, then do vote for the livery now!

With the above mentioned fleet, we offer a total of 100+ aircrafts in our fleet! From the smallest of regional aircrafts to whale of skies, you can experience everything here!

Jet Partners 

Jet Partners

Our 16 VA partners and more codeshares help us expand our route network around the globe to 2000+ routes. With 150+ destinations, we are honored to be partners with listed below!

More Codeshares

Air Austral
Air France-KLM
Air Seychelles
China Eastern
Fiji Airways
Kenya Airways
JetStar Asia

Explore the Jet Partners fleet we operate!

 Global Weekly 

To increase the joy of flying, we present the weekly global series before you! Everyone wish to travel the world and we give this opportunity to our pilot to explore the world Virtually! Fly the daily bonanza routes on the themes specific to the day, and explore the world in as never seen before!

 Event Perks 

Bring new events and Bringing new events and keeping our pilots entertained is part of our forte and we would love to plan more event if our pilots encourage us by participating in them. To encourage pilots we have got event perks.

Check out our event perks

Contact Us 

Have some queries or want to give some advice? We are open! Check out some platforms to contact us:

Website (1): Visit our website!
Instagram (1): Visit our Instagram page! Feel free to DM us if you have any queries.
Youtube (1): Visit our youtube channel to see many VA related videos.
Mail (1): Feel free to email us at

Become a Jet Crew today!

Start you journey as a Jet Crew today and feel the joy of flying in Indian skies! Experience the never seen enjoyment before. Fill out the pilot application form today!

Infinite Flight Jet Airways Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Jet Airways, Inc. We have no connection or affiliation with Jet Airways or any real-world airlines. ©Jet Airways Virtual

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Wow, awesome thread! I wish the best to everyone at Jet Airways Virtual!


Thanks for your kind words @Kamryn 😊


First thing I see as I wake up. I think it’s gonna be a good day. LETS GO 9WVA!!


Nice thread, wishing all the best for Jet Airways!


Haha! Thank you so much. You are a real asset to us 😉

Thank you @Saharsh. We are glad to be partners with Surf Air Virtual 😊


Thanks boss! My commitment is all down to the support of the 9W family. You cannot help but be involved!


Spectacular thread! So glad to be staff at this amazing VA!


Nice thread, @JetAirwaysVirtual


Thank you Mukundan! We are also proud to have you in our amazing staff team 😊

Thank you Omkar for your kind words 😊


Thank you @AeroflotVirtual! We to our proud to have you guys as our partners. we hope to strengthen our bonds in future 😊


It has been a short journey for Jet Airways Virtual till now yet long! We achieved tremendous records, faced many ups and downs but till we stand here strong. Recently, Jet Airways Virtual reached 10,000 flying hours! We thank you pilots for their constant support and dedication towards the VA. We could not have attained this milestone without their support. In return we provide them with best in class and high quality resources and yes, the awards! Today we announce our first ever set of awards. Have a look at them below:

  1. President’s Award holder, @Omkar_Rathi: One of the most dedicated pilot in the VA, Omkar has out shined in the crowed! With 1368:09 Hours for the VA, he stands in the second place of VA pilot leaderboard. He has also participated in 8 out of 9 VA events till now and holds the highest number of VA event participations till now! We are so proud of you Omkar and hope to see you go even further! Thank you for flying with Jet Airways Virtual.

  2. Communication Flag Bearer, @RadarVectors_Mumbai: Samyak has always been on the toes whenever needed. Responding to every message as soon as possible, never missing any activity check and being disciplined throughout his communication, he is a role model for our pilots! We hope to see you grow at the same pace Samyak!

 Special Mentions 

  1. @Felix_Monroe: Our Chief pilot has flown 1968:19 Hours for the VA and stands upright on the top pilot leaderboard. What else can we expect from our Chief Pilot? We are so proud to have you Felix. Keep rising!

  2. @sanketpandia: Sanket had been really helpful for the VA! He helped us set up his marvelous The Aircraft Experiment Bot in our Discord server which took the pilot experience to next level! We thank him for his time and dedication.

  3. All the VA Pilots: A Virtual Airlines is nothing without it’s pilots and we are so proud of our pilots who have shown tremendous dedication and consistency towards the VA! Thank you everyone from the depth of our heart for your support towards this VA. All our pilot can be found here. We can never forget you guys.

  4. The Staff Team: Last but not the least, the staff team of this VA. What an amazing team it has been. Their dedication and ideas are commendable! No words can describe their efforts in helping this VA reach tremendous milestones in such a short period of time! Thank you so much @Deval_Surana, @Raveesh, @Mukundan_Srivatsa, @Felix_Monroe and @Jamaal_Kanyau for making up such a beautiful team!

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Infinite Flight Jet Airways Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Jet Airways, Inc. We have no connection or affiliation with Jet Airways or any real-world airlines. ©Jet Airways Virtual


Awesome thread! We’re delighted to be partners with Jet Airways Virtual!


Like I said before… it’s turning out to be a really good day indeed! Thank you @JetAirwaysVirtual for this recognition. Hope to carry forward our collective dream to take 9WVA to new heights. Cheers!!


Thanks sir for the mention. It was a pleasure working with you folks. And it will be one to fly with you too. See in the skies soon. Have a nice day.


Thank you for the honor! Looking forward to great times ahead and wishing the Jet staff team good luck.

Yours truly,

Samyak aka RadarVectors_Mumbai.



Thank you for the Mention guys,Looking forward to fly more and more with you guys,9WVA is the best❤️🤘


Nice thread guys!


Wow, amazing, are you guys hiring?


Awesome thread! We’re proud to be partnered with Jet Airways Virtual, and on behalf of the staff at Malaysian Virtual we’ll be excited to have a successful 2021 together!

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Malaysia Airlines Virtual