Jet Airways Suspends all Flights Tonight

This is very sad indeed. Breaks my heart to see an ecosystem go down like this. Hoping against hope to see jet bounce back one day.


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Sad to see another airline closing due to fund issues. Had an awesome flight with jet a month ago!


Another airline gone in under a month 😭

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That’s unfortunate…
I heard their last flight would be from VIAR-VABB late this evening.


Really sad. Jet is probably my favorite indian airline as it is my choice of airline traveling within India. Great pilot group and FAs
Jet in my opinion is 10 times better than air India in every aspect.

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can they sue boeing or were they having problems before the MAX

Oh my lord. I think we are entering into the Airline Depresion again that happened back like in the 90’s

Anyway, its temporary

Dont really know much about jet airways but I saw reviews of their product on YouTube and it looks dreadful very run down it’s hard to complete with the likes of air India which probably have more government backing in getting money for the soaring fuel prices as well but the airline industry is full of change I can’t see them coming back that’s just my opinion.

It’s sad to see another airline go

Hopefully they can somehow make a comeback but I doubt that is likely

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In Dj’s Aviation’s video, he states that WOW air too had suspended operations before ceasing to operate completely.
Here’s the full video:

I’ve been travelling in Jet Airways for a really long time, hoping they recover!

So sad to see another airline go, but it’s even more sad that all these employees are suffering (For your information, there are drivers employed by Jet who are also going unpaid and already have low salaries). The closure of Jet Airways will affect around 16000 employees. The staff and even their families have been protesting (the families part was from NDTV’s TV channel) and requesting assistance from PM Narendra Modi.


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