Jet Airways, SpiceJet, IndiGo and Air India Virtual Airlines

Hi, I have started the following VA and now I need members for them

We operate the following aircrafts-
Bombardier Dash-8 Q-400 in SpiceJet Livery
Boeing 737-900 in Jet Airways Livery
Boeing 747-400 in Air India Livery
Airbus A321 in Air India Livery
Airbus A320 in IndiGo Livery

We operate from our hubs EGLL in London and WSSS in Singapore

We are also considering India (if it will come or with global flight)

We operate the following routes-
EGLL - EGSS (Return trip also)
WSSS - WMKK (Return trip also)

To join contact @Yardan_Sheikh

We are currently partner of -
Singapore Airlines VA @NatIsrael972
Garuda Indonesia @CaptainTrapBeats


I recommend not starting VAs at the moment, due to the mad rush. :)


What do you mean?

Do you wanna join we already have 5 active members in jet airways va

Do you have a website?

Applied to @Anush_Patel

We use slack

So you’re opening 4 VA’s at once? And I thought opening 1 was hard…


I opened two in one… SLK absorbed into SIA hahaha

4 separate VAs under one person makes absolutely no sense imho


Well now our website will come after 2 months

ONE VA per user.
You can’t be the CEO or founder or whatever for 5 airlines!
Make one good airline instead of 5 rushed ones, seriously.


Focus on one VA and one only. Only when it is successful, then can you carry on with the next.

Rushed VAs die early, I mean it. No proper planning leads to a premature death of your VA

Hey Gorden, you must’ve confused India’s Jet Airways with Australia’s Jetstar Airways :P

Omg, that is to many VA’s to run at once, I sometimes get a migraine from running Cruiser 😂


Jet Airways is based in India ans Jetstar Airways in Australia

You are already suffering from it 😂 I may be having a splitting headache now but I am more than happy to offer my services!

😂😂nah it’s ok Nat. Anyway let’s get back on topic

Anyone want patnerships for free?

Partnerships are free 😂


Yes off course