Jet Airways ceases operations

Jet airways has just announced today, as of tonight, it will be stopping all flight. I couple days ago they stopped all international flights, so we all saw this coming. 1.2 billion dollars has been lost in total, and the airline could not keep up. The airline stated that it does not have enough funds to continue flights. The airline may come back, as Etihad has expressed interest in it. RIP jet airways, you will be missed!


Sad to see them go, but please search before posting ;)


It’s not the same thing. It talks about suspended flights. But this one talks about the end.

And also that is really sad. Jet Airways was good to see in the airline industry.

Wow, I did search and did not see it, I must not see anything these days. :) Thanks for pointing that out.


They will be missed by me greatly. Sad to see two icons go in one month

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