Jet Airways Captain Slaps First Officer, Both Pilots Leave Cockpit

Now this, is something unheard of. They broke a few regulations during this whole event. Read the article by Lucky and it sums it out perfectly.

If you were in this position of the First Officer, what would you do? Dont think there is a lot to do…


Oh wow, that’s not something you see everyday


Well sounded like that situation got intense. Must’ve been pretty scary for the passengers seeing one of the pilots out of the cockpit.

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I chuckled when I read the title.

I never ever heard of a pilots slapping one another. Great find.


I did too! It’s a rare event, pilots slapping each other. Must have been awkward afterwards…

I would just try and maintain as much patience and composure as possible not start crying. Yes, it might sound harsh however that’s reality. You have to keep in mind you have 324 passengers and 14 crew members onboard and the last thing you want is the Captain to get angry. After the plane lands, then she should follow proper procedures and see to that this is not taken lightly of and the root cause is found.

This was on the news headlines in India. Read it before leaving to school. Interesting read, very interesting…


Lol this isn’t the first time I’m reading about an event like this. A couple months ago, the captain and co pilot at Air India got into a fist fight in the flight deck. If I remember correctly, the flight continued without event, which I think is very, very incorrect.
If there are two people in charge of a couple hundred people, in no way should there be a disagreement between them, especially to the point where they are punching each other.

Same goes for this Jet Airways flight. There’s no way I would have continued on a flight if I knew the two pilots up front had a major disagreement with each other, and were together gonna fly a 250 ton jet.

Slap ‘Im back! JK XD There’s nothing you can do… Could just sob, in the lavatory…

This sort of stuff is not new. There is a major lack of professionalism from Indian pilots. This needs to change because it’s their job to remain professional, both pilots should be fired from their jobs.


Agreed. What comes to mind is the Air India pilots who left the gear up during cruise.


Where does the slapping thing come from? I just read there as some trouble, but no confirmation of a slapping…
Never an official confirmation.

Once in a while, you always get these odd headlines regarding aviation in India.

Google Jet Airways, and then go to news, muliptle articles say what has been stated above.

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Sure, but Jet Airways never confirmed there was a slap. Just a “misunderstanding”.

Well, if you were the head of an airline would you confirm a slap? I sure wouldn’t… Shows unprofessional relations between pilots.

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Exactly. It’s all reports, I wouldn’t start speculating about what happened until an official report is released.

More than likely from passengers aboard the flight.

Would the passengers be able to see inside the cockpit… I don’t think so.
Anyway, let’s not go off topic. Jet Aiways hasn’t confirmed anything beyond a “misunderstanding” so there’s that.

One reason I believe this type of stuff is happening more in India is the hooking aviation market in India. It has been the fastest growing market in the aviation industry for many years now, and that is forcing airlines to hire people much more as they acquire lots more jets, open up new destinations, etc.

Of course to this doesn’t explain why their was a wild boar on the runway a couple months ago, or similar incidents that are more problems with the general regulations and safety, but it could explain the level of professionalism that isn’t their, for example the mini fights in the flight deck or the recent problem of a person being manhandled non the tarmac.

While it’s great to see India’s aviation industry growing so fast, they should also ensure the safety of passengers isn’t being put at risk.