Jet Airways Bankrupt

Jet Airways now has Bankrupt and want Indian Government to Save it what do you think will Government save It?

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Jet Airways employees stage strike outside Delhi airport, demand dues

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Could you link a credible source actually saying that Jet Airways has officially filed for Bankruptcy as I’m not able to find one after doing some extensive search…


Yes, @Captain_JR is right, I think it would be best if we could have a link proving this

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As far as I’m concerned, they have suspended their flights, but not filed for bankruptcy… Basically meaning, all their flights are now cancelled, which is also why BAW is currently trying to fill the void by flying more flights to Mumbai.


Nope! Bailing out private company sake of few jobs?!? India can survive without jet airways… there are farmers dying becos of drought in some parts. There is bigger issue to solve for government.


Already a topic about this has been known but their has not been official word that the company has seized operations for good.

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Um what bedoel je

Probably not because Air India is also in danger of bankruptcy

Like provided for the photo credit also talk about Bankrupt!!

Could we please get an article stating that Jet Airways has gone bankrupt?

Air India should not go bankrupt. This Airline is owned by the Government and should serve for a much longer decade. The conversation about this has now gone for a really long time. 😕

Most country doesn’t own national carriers you know why… they just keep swallow public money. If it owned by private with in couple of years it’s big company.

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