Jet Airways and Q Airways

It seems like the Q Airways are not finding common routes and instead going to an airport that is similar to that number. For example, a flight from KMIA to KCLT goes to airway Q77 but the game recognizes it as Blane Field in the Bay Area of CA. Is this something that is being looked at? With Navblue it should be an easy fix, especially since most of the Southeast US and going up the east coast are going to more Q routes and removing J routes.

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We don’t have airways currently flying over the USA in Infinite Flight. We don’t know if they’ll be added or fixed.

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I recommend planning your routes using, because then I think you can get the waypoints for the track, and input them manually.

Unfortunately, as MJP said above, this is currently not implemented into the actual game and you may have to look for third party solutions.


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