Jet Airways Airbus A330-300

More images are coming from the IF team, and I’m getting excited about this livery.

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170 Votes! Let’s get some more as the A330 is coming!!! Amazing new WIP releases!

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we never know for sure whether this livery will come or not. Like the 20.2 update where the ANA 777-300ER did not come.

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We can still be optimistic that it will come! The ANA B77W did come in the end!!


The ANA 77W was there even before the update and is more well-known livery. The Jet Airways A330-300 on the other hand isn’t as widely known. Not only that but Jet Airways, even though it’s making a comeback, is currently a bankrupt airline. So there’s a big chance it won’t come, but seeing there’s a lot of votes for this livery, it could come. All I’m saying is, we never know if it could come or not. We can only hope that it all works out for the best.

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  • It will come
  • It won’t come

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There should be one more option - “None of the Above” 😋

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  • Dead airline liveries have been added.
  • Liveries on airframes yet to be delivered have been added.
  • Liveries with lesser votes have been added.
  • Less known liveries have been added and Jet Airways is a pretty well known one I guess. We all know the population of India.

As I said, we never know for sure 😅

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This Livery iss needed for Indian community as well as many people in the community,as we do not have any other long haul body currently flying out of India,and Jet Airways is very well known airline around the world❤️❤️


Don’t forget about this livery! Just because the A330 isn’t coming in 21.1 doesn’t mean we should stop showing support for this beautiful livery!!

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Yeah…Keep Supporting the livery❤️❤️


9w once flew the a330 to amritsar
- unofficial sources


Let’s keep up the support for this livery! We’ve remained around 170 votes for a while now! Hopefully that number will start to rise!


This livery has got much love,and surely used my baby users in IF,we need this livery😍

I have tested positive for corona. 1 vote = 1 prayer