Jet Airways 777-300ER

If you’d like to see change I have a good Feature Request that would end the problems with wanting liveries.

Head on over and leave a vote and help the cause


That’s a shame to hear. The devs work extremely hard to add new liveries. But I throughly understand the frustration that it has when your livery doesn’t come, but be patient!


Yet you have Air India, I mean Jet Airways is grounded, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be added but I don’t know why you’re feeling left out.

The amount of effort the developers put to add & research the diverse amount of 757 liveries makes this comment pretty rude.


Just because you don’t get everything you want doesn’t mean somebody else is to blame.


You feel left out sorry bud didn’t know you were a 77W :(


Can we like, keep it on topic? Thanks.


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Please can we keep civil this time.

On behalf of phoenix006,
I would like to apologize to the community members and the staff team of Infinite Flight. We will always keep supporting you regardless of the livery’s addition in Infinite Flight.


Hello everyone on this thread, I along with others in this community understand that you are frustrated with not getting your livery, but with all due respect there is some points that you’ve got to adhere;

  1. first of all , going on a rant on the developers is not going to help in any means if any, you are decreasing your chances of getting the desired livery.

  2. As mentioned numerous times, the majority of the users are from US/EU, as a business and this works to every and each business out there in the world , number one priority is to satisfy your Database , lets have an Example; I open a restaurant with an Arab cuisine in New York for example or anywhere in the world, first thing I’m going to do is cover all Arab countries dishes , after that I will consider adding more cuisines , The point is , First I work on Satisfying the majority of my customers then head on to the others, AND this isn’t the case in IF , you have Liveries from around the world , yet there is some beautiful Liveries from the U.S that are not added yet , for example that United New York Art Livery (NOT A REQUEST)

  3. Have some empathy , the developers which apparently you don’t appreciate, are working their heads out , from maintaining servers to adding buildings and liveries and many more, maintaining a flight simulator with thousands of users is not as easy as you think , so the least you can do is show some appreciation.

  4. I would like you to have a look at the ANA 77W livery feature request , the livery is going to be added in the next update, first they reached +260 votes at some point , next have a look at the posts there , not a single post that has disrespect to the developers , instead they try their best in appreciating their hard work , and they bump their request from time to time , frequent posts of pictures of the plane to keep the people interested , and as you can see it worked they got what they wanted , maturely and with respect.

So please this community is one of the most well moderated communities out there , everyone here tries to keep a high level of maturity and professionalism , So being Immature and disrespectful is not going to help at all , not now and not in the future.

I hope you read this message with an open mind , this post was not intended to cause more discussions , nor to spread hate towards anyone.

Its a beautiful livery , from a beautiful country , dont ruin it with your actions.

Have a great day everyone.


Thanks for that.
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Umm… this will lead to a discussion.
The thing about ANA which you mentioned, we also do the same thing.
About disrespecting developers, it wasn’t even that far stretched. He just mentioned EU and US liveries are added more and we are ignored. It comes as a offensive statement but its not wrong and I understand the business point of explanation. If he would have sugar coated that statement by saying we dont get the same amount of love as other liveries, there wouldn’t be an issue.
So just because the way of expressing was wrong doesn’t mean his point was out of line. This is a business relationship first and foremost and after that we developed friendships with other people so we will ask for it and sometimes emotions take over us and this might happen. Everyone has been respectful irrespective of all the reasons that are there for this livery to be added.

  • Liveries with lesser votes added
  • Dead airlines liveries added etc.

At the time of 77W rework, there were some constraints stated by the team which they seem to have overcome as we can already see by the beautiful update that is coming. So, naturally it would make us want this more and would make sense to add it.


finally someone who understands…

Lets better be positive and focused on getting more votes and support, intense discussions is not a good feeling for anybody, lets move on…



Some good old Birdie VT-JET. Hope to see this bad boy soon 🙂


I remember when I flew 9W back in 2018, the departure snacks were so goooooooooooooood. The lunch was roti and paneer (cough @ran )


I think their service is a high point in the 9W B77W experience. Also their business product is spectacular!


It was really sad to see a dismantled 777 when I arrived in Mumbai. Hope to see 9W in the skys again


Here’s VT-JEL with some nice GE-90 engine fog at Heathrow:

Source: VT-JEL | Boeing 777-35RER | Jet Airways | John Magero | JetPhotos