Jet 2 B757-200

The Jet 2 livery in general is one of my favourites (you may have seen me flying around the 738 on live) Jet 2 currently have 11 757s (though I am unaware as to how many of these are painted in their regular livery and how many are painted in the ‘Jet 2 holidays’ livery.) all in all its a livery I would love to see added to IF.


Maybe it’ll be added when the 757 gets an update.

I love the look of the jet2 livery! Where is the airline based out of?

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Cool livery!

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England I believe.

That’s what I thought

Yes, Jet2 has bases in Luton and Manchester :)

4 years later and Winner finally gets his answer ;)


If I had votes I’d vote this! Dont forget to vote for your own request :)