Jesus_Gutierrez’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone join me on my new journey as I train for Radar (approach). Everyone is welcome to assist my sessions.

Server: Training

Runways: 19L and 19R

Time: 10PM (New York)

Focus: ILS and Visual approaches, Terrain separation ans 1000Ft 3NM aircraft separation

Feedback is always appreciated

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Closed… no one joined

Feel free to tag me when you open next time!

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Roger that Will do

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Open now at KAUS
Server: Training
Time 3PM (NY)

Runways 18L and 18R

Focus: ILS and Visual patterns, proper Terrain separation, proper aircraft separation at least 1000ft from each other and 3NM apart from each other at a speed of 200KTS

I invite the following radar controllers to assist if able. Remember feedback is always essential and appreciated

@FN60fps @Hornet11 @JFV @mwe2187 @Luu @Metier @Kyle_D @ @Cooper or any IFATC available!

Heya, I unfortunatly am unable for the evening, I’ll try next time! Tag me when you open again!

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Will do. Feedback is also appreciated

I’m sorry, Jesus. I totally missed this

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It’s alright

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Opening now at NZAA
Runway :23L

Server: Training

@FN60fps @mwe2187 @Hornet11 @Kyle_D @JFV @anon71878584 @IFATCLee3440 or anyone available. Remember to give me your feedback

Opening now at MDSD. Until 11:30PM EDT
Focus is on downwind, and aircraft separation

Runway :17

Server :Training
I invite any IFATC to join me and provide feedback. Be sure to spawn at The airport.

@JFV @FN60fps @Hornet11 @Kyle_D @IFATCLee3440 @Luu @Metier or anyone available. Please make sure to provide feedback and if you wish to be tagged or untagged let me know

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Thanks for the fantastic service @Jesus_Gutierrez

I had no issues. Your downwind width was excellent at around 5-7-6nm for ILS.

Take care mate!

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@FN60fps you’re welcome and thanks for coming! You take care as well!

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Closed ! Thanks to Apple and FN60FPS and Rafa for coming


I’m open at KSBP
Server Training

Runway 11

Focus , Visual , RV , ILS with terrain

Feel free to join me

@FN60fps @Hornet11 @Kyle_D @Declan @Black_Bird @David_ZGGG or anyone available. Remember Feedback is appreciated

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Closed . Till next time

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