Jesus_Gutierrez’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed ] @ N/A

As suggested by my trainer @AviationReports, I will be holding open sessions regularly and welcome all who attend. I will appreciate your feedback so I will perfect my IFATC training and control on the Expert Server


Server: Training
Airport: KEWR
Frequency: Ground & Tower
Runways: 4L &4R

Area of focus: Runway Changes, Sequencing, and Regular Pattern work

Time: 22:00Z-23:00Z

Looking forward to see you there !


Sorry, I do not see you open.

How about now

Open now or opening at 2200Z?

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It’s open so people can know but I Will start 22:00Z

Will come by around 2200Z and try to coax some other good pilots to join. Add me to the tag list for future sessions as well.


I’ll try to stop by for a few patterns as well!


Feedback from F-LIER:

My main thing is response time’s were pretty slow. They just decreased as the session progressed. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s because you were starting to get overwhelmed with all the traffic. Perfectly understandable as there was a lot going on.

A couple of minor things were:
A. My sequence on my first pattern on 11 was number 3. I was actually number 2. Whenever an aircraft crosses the threshold, that means they are now not first in line.
B. My exit runway was pretty late (about 35 knots). Try to issue those right below 70 kts if at all possible.
C. I held short for almost 5 minutes. Don’t know what happened there, but there was more than ample time to clear me.
D. I should have been given a ground frequency change with or right after my cross runway. Try to not make a pilot request those If at all possible.

Overall good session! You have the basics down and the runway changes are there. Just try and clear up the above feedback and you’ll be set! Thanks for having me and feel free to tag me in future sessions! You can also feel free to ask any questions about my feedback.

Hey thanks for the feedback. I apologize for the wait. Airspace became busy and I had people call on both frequencies which made me a bit nervous. I will try to correct those mistakes. Thank you for joining

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I figured this was the case. Very common to see the response times decline when workload becomes high. After a decent amount of training sessions as an IFATC member, it’s pretty easy to determine when this is happening. All mistakes though are easily correctable though so nice job!

And thank you for having me ;)

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You’re welcome I’ll tag you in for a future session

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Most important feedback from my side: Watch your intersections. I lost separation multiple times! The last time with @Metier was in stone throw’s distance… 😅

It’s very difficult to manage two intersecting patterns like this, if I were you, just send everyone on the same runway(s), preferably on the parallels for obvious reasons. You have every right to give someone a pattern entry for a runway they didn’t request or to deny runway change requests that would lead to chaos.

Only allow intersections to the point you still feel comfortable and don’t be afraid to issue a G/A if something looks a little close.

Especially when you had regular traffic building up for departures on the 04s, it would have never worked out smoothly with pattern traffic on left DW for 11.

Couple of other things:

  • On one of my laps on 04L, you told someone to cross at the end of the runway. They didn’t move at first but entered the runway right when I was on short final. This should have been a G/A in my opinion. He was a G2 though who didn’t follow your expedite instruction, no worries… :D

  • You caught the G/A on @Metier, good job, however, I didn’t even have a clearance and would have had to go around in any case. I reported position on final to make you aware.

  • Missed my runway exit. It was busy though.

Overall the basics (sequencing and pattern entries) were great! Your TT earlier today was very nice as well!

Feel free to tag me next time! :)


Thanks did the feedback I enjoyed having you again today!. I became frustrated too when they disobeyed my instructions including one going for 4R when I said 4L. Missed your exit command as I was clearing an aircraft for departure… I’ll tag you for a future ATC tracking thread


Feedback - Rooster 1

  • No reason for the On Guard Message while I was on the ground at another airport, prior to Start-Up

  • Transition Altitude 3000’ Good

  • No Frequency Change issued once I completed the transition.

  • Initial Pattern Entry was ok for me, but others may have preferred something other than straight in.

  • During one circuit, I was cleared for the option 4R as Number 1, but was number 3 with @sutterseba #1 and @aviation_31 #2 both on final ahead. Waited 60 Seconds to see if you’d correct. When re-sequenced, it was correct at #2. There were several other instances of incorrect sequencing for the remainder of the session.

  • D-SEBA made a Request for RW Change to 4L while very Short Final 4R. From my perspective it should have been denied/ignored at such a close position.

From here (22:43), it became very obvious task saturation was setting in. D-SEBA and I had our first loss of separation and the instructions that followed further complicated it. Running intersecting patterns with that type of layout require heightened awareness and near micro management. Although it is ultimately the pilots responsibility to maintain separation, multiple aircraft in such close and intertwined proximity presents an extreme challenge. As suggested above, if it becomes too much, don’t lose CONTROL of YOUR AIRSPACE. The second loss of separation between D-SEBA and I was as near to 0H/0V as possible, and the last minute maneuvering on our parts resulted in a very tight and difficult position for 3 of us.

  • One very important thing I want to point out is mitigation in runway incursions. There were several aircraft that requested clearances to cross runways using the departure end designator (22x for 4/ 29 for 11). The controller should respond and use the Correct in use designator at all times. I think this on its own caused several aircraft to be cleared onto occupied runways.

Make sure when giving take off clearance:

  • Runway is not Occupied
  • Departing aircraft is actually in a position to begin the takeoff run if a delay poses a risk of conflict.

I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to future sessions.


Would like to add something to my feedback I just thought of. When I was requesting a change to 4R I was given an enter LDW. This was fine other than the fact that Rooster 1 and D-SEBA were very close together, both being on final. I was on crosswind for 4R aka DW for 11. So a more appropriate response would’ve been to have me extend my crosswind and you call my downwind. That way, I did not have to try to squeeze in between D-SEBA and Rooster. Just a tip to hopefully help avoid the loss of separation in the future.


As suggested by my trainer @AviationReports, I will be holding open sessions regularly and welcome all who attend. I will appreciate your feedback so I will perfect my IFATC training and control on the Expert Server

Airport: LGAV
Runways: 3L &3R (may change )
Date and Time: Sunday October 2 at 21:00Z
Server: Training
Status: Closed. No one joined
Focus: Regular Pattern Work,Transitions, Sequencing

@sutterseba @AviationReports @Metier @jfv @Declan or anyone who can join. Please understand I’m still learning and I will appreciate your feedback. I’ll welcome other IFATC who join as well as any players. I hope to see you there :)


Are you opening now or will you be opening at 21:00 zulu? That’s a while from now, so having open as the status could confuse people


At 21:00Z tomorrow

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Open now at KSMF
Regular pattern work, sequencing

Or anyone who joins

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How long are you staying open for? I might be able to join like in 30 minutes