Jesus_Gutierrez Radar Tracking Thread (closed ) @N/A

Hello guys I’m back with radar training and I would like to recieve your feedback .

ILS only.

Goal: Aircraft Separation, Vectoring , Intercept

Server: Training


Open now at NZAA

ILS Runway 23L in use

Goal : Separation , Intecept , vectoring

For New Zealand 5 I saw he was too high so i asked him to hold even tho he didn’t follow my instructions

Closed no one joined. Here is some screenshots of me clearing New Zealand ILS 23L

If you would like to be tagged to assist when open feel free to pm me

Hey @Jesus_Gutierrez . I’m glad you attended one of my trainings.

If you ever need pilots and feedback, ping me, I’ll be happy to join.

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You’re welcome! I’ll tag you on a future session !

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Please ping me when you’re open 🙂

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Will do boss!

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