Jessie is LIVE on Instagram now!

Guys check out @speedbird203 on Instagram now! He’s live now with 2 C-17’s on the ramp at KJAX! Check it out, with a C-17 using reverse to back up!!


I don’t see it

What’s his Instagram name?

You have to follow him to see the live video.

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He closed it now



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Same as his forum name @speedbird203

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Yup! Obama is coming to JAX on Friday as some farewell tour I think lol

Your profile pic on insta! 😂😂😂

I have a question - if Air Force one is the call sign for any aircraft the president flys on. Why is it different for Marine one?

Air Force one is callsign of any aircraft flown by the Air Force that the President is on board.

Marine one is callsign of any aircraft flown by the Marines that the President is on board.


Ok thanks for your clarification

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Technically it’s any Navy aircraft

Have you ever met the man himself?


Depends on the service that operates the aircraft.

USAF = airforce one
USMC= Marine One
USN = US Navy

Etc etc

Are the Secret Service agents nice? 😂

Are you live again?

I presume your also speedbird203 on instagram??

Were you on board? If so that is quite the privelege!

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