Jesse0409’s ATC tracking thread [CLOSED] @EHAM

Hi there!
I’m opened at EHAM at Training server! i’ll be open for around 20/25 minutes so come by if you want :)

Hi, I would not recommend opening at big airports if you are working towards joining IFATC. Usually trolls arrive and the whole situation becomes unprofessional.


thats true, but I’m not doing it to become ATC, I just want the Training server to be less unrealistic ;) maybe IFATC later!

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When trolls arrive, no matter how professional the ATC is, they always ruin the whole situation and the whole thing will become unrealistic since they know they can’t be reported.

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yes your true, will open a different airport next time!

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I know that since I am also training for IFATC and I made a huge mistake by opening LFPG before.
Happy controlling!

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