Jersey144’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ EGFF

Hey everyone,

Just applied for ATC training and looking forward to starting. I already have a good amount of experience of ATC on the training server and would like to invite you to one of my sessions at the unique EGFF airport.

EGFF is Cardiff International Airport which is located in Wales, United Kingdom. It’s a single runway setup and situated just above a cliff top which can make for some interesting cross wind landings!

I’m live now so feel free to join.

Airport: EGFF, Cardiff
Time: 21:15 - 22:15 Z
Frequencies: Tower
Server: Training server

There is no ground frequency.


My mistake, thanks for correcting me!

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Yep, you replied before I edited. Hope to see you there

Like other beings that want to survive, I gotta eat. I’ll track your ATC thread and stop by some other time, thanks!


A few tips:

  • avoid the temptation to over-control with “extend up/downwind”, a sequence should be enough and the pilot will keep separation once you tell them who to follow
  • you can sequence without giving an unnecessary pattern instruction, for an aircraft already in the pattern
  • every clearance should be preceded by a sequence if they are not going to be first
  • when you give a clearance as #2, you don’t need to re-clear as #1 when the aircraft ahead lands
  • you should give a left or right traffic instruction with the takeoff if an aircraft isn’t already in the pattern or you want them to change direction from the way they came in

The best way to get quick and confident with this is to practise. Keep it up!

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Thanks to IFATC Nils, powdarrmonkey and b3astmod3x for jumping in at short notice. Was great to spend some time learning VFR procedures.

Still lots to learn but appreciate you taking the time.

Hey there!
First off all welcome to the community!
Here is some feedback.
Overall there were a few small and some bigger problems I encountered.

  • The transition altitude would be 3000ft instead of 2500ft (airport elevation + 2500ft and then rounded up to the next 500)
  • If you clear an aircraft as number 2, there is no need to clear it again as number one, once the aircraft in front landed.
  • If an aircraft wants to remain in the pattern, you need to send a “make left/right traffic” together with the takeoff clearance.
  • There is no need to send a pattern entry after a go around.
  • If you instruct an aircraft to extend their downwind, you will need to send the “Turn base” command at some point. The “Enter left base” pattern instruction does not replace this command and was in this situation also unnecessary.

I would recommend that you watch this video as it covers almost every aspect of controlling a tower frequency.
I also want to make clear that even though this is not the most positive feedback, I am sure that you will be a great ATC in no time. Just take your time watch some tutorials and read over the manual. Good luck and hope to see you soon again!

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Thanks for this. I do have a bit of a tendency to over-control at the moment. I think some of that comes from experiences where some pilots have ignored instructions. But cutting out unnecessary instructions is for definitely one for me to learn.

Hi Nils,

Thanks for taking the time to fly with me today. I don’t find your feedback particularly negative. On the contrary, it outlines some of the items that I need to look over again.

On your points, I clicked the wrong transition attitude. Which annoyed me after! I knew it was 3,000 but touched the wrong one.

The other points are good feedback and I’ll read over some manuals again.


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