Jerry_Chen's ATC Tracking thread (closed)

TS1 at TNCM, come do some touch&gos and pattern works!

Nice! for how long? (I’m not at home rn)

Probably for about 2 hours

Oh ok probably won’t be able to join but good luck :)

It is recommended that you stay open for at least 30 minutes to allow traffic to build up.

You posted that you were open 31minutes ago (at my time of typing), but your thread says you’re closed already after you said you would be open for 2 hours!

To entice people to come and fly some patterns for you, it could be worth checking out some other tracking threads in #atc to get some inspiration on how to format this thread and provide pilots with as much information as possible.

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Opening at KBDL for at least half an hour. Come do some touch and goes!

NOTAM: Rwy 33 in use for commercial airliners, RWY 33 shortened and RWY 01 in use for GA aircrafts, pattern works allowed, right traffic.

KBDL is now closed

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