Jerry_C7's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @N/A

Welcome to my ATC training thread.
I have finished my first to session of IFATC training, and I would like to have more experience before my final training and test.
Please let me know if I’ve made any mistake during my service.

Have a nice flight.


ZGSZ 200700Z 12004MPS 9999 FEW017 BKN050 31.27 Q1004 NOSIG

0800Z-0900Z est


Still open?

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I’ll be there soon!

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Feedback here or via PM?

It depends on you.
It’s ok for me to get your feedback here.

Ok sounds good

One thing I noticed right at the beginning, which is a big no no, is that you were using both 07C and 25C. Stick to one of the two, but don’t use both. The last thing u want is a plane on final for 07C colliding with a takeoff from 25C

Something you corrected, but with any runway change, you need to give a pattern direction with the first clearance on that new runway

Hope to see you in IFATC soon :)


Tower Log@EDDF 20200516 0630Z-0820Z

RWY IN USE: 07C/07R/36

@mkwiecek Thank you for pointing out my mistake. That guy took off first from 07C and got disconnected from the server somehow. Later he came back and required for runway25, considering his desire to taking off as soon as possible, I did clear that wrong runway which should never be used at that time. Well, I will stick to my runway choice and will not allow this to happen again.

Actually, the traffic is quite dense at around 0715Z, thanks to the Langen Radar sequencing inbound traffic well(However I don’t know how to check his name from controller position.)

Almost every pilot cooperates well with me. They follow my instruction and react efficiently.

Love u guys and looking forward to seeing u again no matter in TS or ES

BTW, My trainer @MJhendo really trained me well. And I have some questions about this self-operation session at EDDF. Could you please spend some time and answer these questions here, so other guys can share your experience.

  1. How does IFATC deal with overwhelming traffic volume? Flow control?

  2. What is the maximum capacity an IFATC should reach?

@TimShan05 Thank you for modified the topic title for me>_<
Apologize for my negligence.

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Hi mate I’m back again.

Due to the terrain at the east of the airport, if you wish to do some circuits, please spawn close to the RWY 16/34(According to the Aeronautical information publishment, the traffic patteran is only allow at the west side of the airfield.)

If you wish to have a XC flight, VHHH(HONG KONG) is only in a 5 minutes flight~

Enjoy your flight and I will be apprciate if you could point out my mistake.

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