Jerk or the Ladies’ Man?

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So this video was posted by CNN 6 years ago. Yes, so it is kind of old. But…it is very interesting. Like, I never would have thought of this. Thoughts?

  • Jerk
  • Lady’s Man

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Mhmm, well, It’s kinda the wrong way to go about a proposal, but again, if he seemed like he saved the day it may make the moment more special, I’ll give him the Ladies Man vote


My man did what he needed to do in order to secure the “yes.” Seems as if he had everything under control, so it’s safe to say that he’s a lady’s man! 😎


Ladies man! I mean 1) what girl doesn’t like a pilot husband and 2) I would so do that to my girlfriend.


I saw this a while ago, and I honestly think it was genius! Ladies man ;)

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Lady’s man is pulling away! Interesting facts behind your reasonings!

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I’m going to say both

This is secretly me.

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Very similar to this one, just newer and better quality

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Wish I was getting my PPL this year so I could propose like that!

I only proposed on a beach at sunset so guess I should have tried harder! However she said yes and we have been married for 12 years now so guess did something right?


That person didn’t expect you to propose in a plane! I think she actually thought the flight controls weren’t responding. It was funny though 😅

Already seen it before

I’d say a bit of both. Jerk for doing that and ladies man for, well… doing that.

That’s how a pilot would propose

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I would but can’t, @MishaCamp try this


Proposing is something special. I think this dude is actually pretty genius coming up with this. It made the experience just more special 😉


That would have been an awkward flight back if she had said no.


It would be even more special if she was a pilot as well

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