Jeppesen instrument commercial

Hello I am looking for a Jeppesen instrument commercial manual for a cheap price like around $40 if anyone has any cheap sites that would be great
thanks :)

I know you are looking for Jeppesen books but have you tried the Sheppard Air Instrument prep?

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No I am using Kings school but I like Jeppesen to go along with my flight training

I know Ryan mentioned Sheppard Air, but I’d highly suggest looking into using that as a prep. I used it for my studies and I wouldn’t have chosen anything different. They have a unique study strategy and its been proven to work. The question and answer banks are updated on a regular basis. You’ll have more up to date questions and answers with Sheppard Air than with any of the paper test preps. Just something to think about. 🙂


Definitely agree. I’m a horrible test taker and using Sheppard Air for my instrument I made a 90%. Thetr program works

Ok I use Kings school. @N1RG I’m a bad test taker and with my PAR test I scored a 95 with Kings school so I’m sticking with them. Can we stay on topic or close please

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