Jeodanie_Smith’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Open @ 1623Z…Pattern Work and feedback always appreciated

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Open @ RSKI…all traffic and feedback welcome and appreciated

Hi there. I was AXI584 on A321.

  • RWY change at the first time(33L->33R) was smooth and nice. You gave new pattern instruction and LND CLR with enough time

  • Secound RWY change was kind of a rush. You changed my RWY when I was at the end of base turn. It was a surprise and bit demanding. U had enough time. It would have been better if U gave me new pattern instruction(RWY change) earlier like at downwind.

  • I found that U didn’t give pattern instruction to any of the inbound aircrafts. When there’s no rader controller present, U have to give pattern instruction to ALL aircrafts.

Other than that, nice ATC

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SeeThis is where I get confused if an aircraft calls in inbound on the ILS or visual I was under the impression I don’t have to give a pattern entry I can just clear them and sequence if needed only give a pattern entry to aircraft who request to land but do not announce on the ILS or visual

You’re only supposed to report inbound on ILS/visual if approach is active and has cleared you for said approach. If approach is not active, ATC should treat all aircraft like radar vectors and give a pattern entry, sequence and clearance.

Side note: ILS inbounds only require a clearance, and visuals require sequence + clearance; this is when approach is active. :)

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All my inbounds during that session announced they were on the ILS or visual even though I didn’t have an approach or departure controller… so was my commands incorrect or was the pilot incorrect or was it just a miscommunication on both parts and use it as a learning experience

I guess you can say you’re both at fault. They didn’t call in correctly, which led to you giving incorrect commands.

On expert, we’ve learned to always double check their tag before sending a message. People call in wrong all the time, so we need to verify the service that they were given before taking action. It’s slightly less efficient, but allows us to give our best services.

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So from now on if there’s no approach controller just treat every aircraft as if they’re doing pattern work… I’m going to practice that theory today when I decide to open which will be very shortly… thank you so much for clearing this out for me cuz I want to provide the best ATC Services possible for all my pilot in the airspace

Exactly: with no approach, give a pattern entry, sequence and clearance for every aircraft, no matter how they call inbound.

No problem! I think you’re one of the most professional TS controllers that I’ve seen on the forum. Keep asking questions and you’ll be a master in no time. :)

Believe me I have come a long way thanks to the support of this community I used to be a terrible training server air traffic controller thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you in my airspace please have a safe flight and you and your family stay safe and healthy

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Open at RKSI All traffic and feedback appreciated
Winds are calm I would like to use runways 16, 15R, 15L for all traffic please 😍

I’m sorry I closed the air space so abruptly I got frustrated with that pilot who kept requesting RWY 33L…when I’m using the opposite side of the runway.and you can see this on your map via the pilot who was on right downwind for 16 😔

Please change the title of you are closed

Open @ 1638Z All traffic and feedback greatly appreciated

Good work today. Couple things I noticed,
1- Good job catching that I couldn’t push back
2- Great job catching that I was going to the wrong runway when I was on 16R but went to the left.

Why did you keep changing my runway on me?

I’m sorry that was just for fun I wanted the pattrn work to be a little more interesting 😔😁

That’s no problem from me, just curious.

I don’t want the pattern work to be boring or have the pilot just circling the airport on the same runway just wanted to keep you awake…my bad tho 🤣

You did, I think I turned wrong once also.

It happens to the best of us, we are all human 😁 thanks for stopping by though I hope it was fun for you as it was for me