Jeodanie_Smith’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I can’t wait for Saturday I will be controlling at Brussels for the event and it’s our time to shine as TSATC

I’ll be honest there I was a lazy on that command instead of sequencing I just gave y’all both your own Runway😂😂 but I do see your point and your feedback is priceless thank you very much

I still need work on spacing between GA aircraft and jets in the pattern. So instead of me giving the wrong command or sequence or to prevent a go around, if another runway is available I’ll give the general aviation aircraft it’s own Runway and the Jet it’s own Runway

The same thing was for me,yet during my first practical I had GA and jets doing pattern on the same runway. Even during my training I let the GA and jets pattern on the same runway, since it is the responsibility of the pilot to maintain safe distance. I start to learn now when (it is the correct time) to issue a G/A, cause I also issued G/A’s during my practical and those were unnecessary haha…

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I’ll be controlling too!

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I think I’m going to take ground for a bit

I think I want to do Tower but being that it’s an event I’m not going to do two frequencies at once because it’s the training server during the event and I expect a troll or two😔

Yeah, Really annoying

A big thank you to all pilots that came out during my 3 hour session @ YSSY today.

Open @ YMML…all traffic welcome
NOTAM: Winds 22029G39KT which may have an affect on pattern work…EXPECT go arounds if requesting RWY 16

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I’m immortal to go around thanks for my 20/10 pilot skills.
Alright I’ll stop bragging. 😏 coming over now.

XP 😍 I’ll be there soon!

Commands were fast and accurate for the most part, good usage of sequencing when there were multiple aircraft in the pattern. The only issue I have is that I was cleared for takeoff on runway 27 right traffic, then once I was off the ground I was cleared for the option runway 16 with no pattern entry or traffic pattern to make after the option on 16. When you have an aircraft on the runway doing pattern work and you want to shift them to another runway, give the aircraft a pattern entry command with sequencing if required and then the option call with the traffic pattern you want the aircraft to fly after the option. So the correct call for me in this case would of been, N44MH enter right downwind or base runway 16, then N44MH runway 16 cleared for the option, after the option make right traffic.

Alright feedback from the guy called Infinite Flight 17 remaining in the pattern. Wonder who that can be
Pattern entries and sequences were on point I have to say!

  1. Alright I was in a tbm 930 which isn’t an aircraft capable of pushing back. You have to take into account the aircraft and ask yourself if the aircraft can pushback or not or can just taxi ahead depending on their position. I’m glad you recognized the mistake though as it shows good awareness.
  2. I requested a frequency change from ground. The correct response would be the duplicate frequency message as it states in my taxi instruction to “contact tower when ready“.
  3. This is personal preference but whenever I can with someone remaining in the pattern you want to have the do their circuits away from the airport terminal if able. Not a big deal though. If you have a plan stick to it so if able again.
  4. The use of maintain slowest practical speed shouldn’t be used on an aircraft in question on final as it’s their responsibility to make sure they are at landing speed and a good distance from traffic and being able to know what to do. One of the great parts of VFR. See a loss in separation? Send them on a go around. No shame in that. :)
    Great work on the runway changes as well.
    Hoping to attend more! Thank you.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave a pm. Your doing a great job! Keep it up.

Hey mate,
Here is my feedback!

  • Clearances were a bit slow to begin with

  • I didn’t really see the point of you sending me to runway 27, I had a 20kt crosswind at 27 but if I’d been sent to 16 I would have had a strong headwind.

  • My apologies as I did not realise you sent me to runway 27 otherwise I wouldn’t have requested to cross it.

  • Good work using a pattern entry when changing me to runway 16. ;)

  • Pattern work is fine

  • Apologies I didn’t get to finish the session, you’re doing amazing, keep it up! :)

I agree with you I do need to work on my clearance times as that has been feedback from other ATC and pilots.

My apologies for sending you to RWY 27. I was using Runway 27 for all non heavy departures which is still no excuse because I didn’t consider the winds. Great feedback there. Thank you

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I’m still currently open but now the winds are favoring Crosswinds for both 16 and 27 what kind of operations should I use

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Open @ NZAA all traffic welcome

Hey Jeodanie! Just popped by as ZK-MJH. Couldn’t see anything much to fault at all during my patterns, so great job. Great choice of airport too ;)

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Thank you very much. As far as the airport choice, I’m the scheduling assistant for TSATC so I try to find challenging airports, and NZAA with it’s crazy taxi layout and only 1 runway fit the bill so I put in on the TSATC schedule.