Jeodanie_Smith’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Open @ 2112Z @ LPMA Winds 35021G38KT

Thanks for your service at Madeira!! I enjoyed doing some touch and goes. I tried tricking you by calling inbound after being cleared for the option, but you noticed and told me already cleared to land, good job!

1 feedback thing:
At one point I climbed to over 4000ft AGL in the pattern, could’ve told me to descend to pattern altitude.

(Also sorry for the drifting on the runway lol)

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And I had the nerve to ask you to go around…that was my trick…great response…as the PIC you agreed due to winds…you didn’t give me an “unable” 👌❤️

I’ll stay open for the remainder of the time the winds stretch aircraft performance and pilot skill to the test, while being critiqued on my ATC skills. Stop by (the daring). 🌬💨💨… Winds 35020G30KT…Pattern Work SO APPRECIATED…

NOTAM; Back taxi in effect for ALL Aircraft due to winds…Expect long hold short times…and go arounds. Forgot 360’s 🤦🏾‍♂️

Hi, thanks again for the pattern work

Some feedback:

  • On Infinite Flight you can only respond to the last transmission. When you said ‘I’m sorry’ right after clearing me for the option, I couldn’t read back the clearance

  • No need to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m sorry’ every time I follow an ATC instruction: it’s normal to follow them :P

  • Instructed me to back taxi rwy 23, but should have been rwy 5. Even though I was nearing the 23 end of the rwy it’s still rwy 5.

  • Don’t forget to give the ‘continue taxi at own discretion’ instruction when the progressive taxi is done

  • Don’t forget to check altitude, you told me to turn base 5nm out at 10.000 ft :P

You’re a great controller this is just some feedback to get even better.
And again thanks for the service at Madeira!


I only said thank you because I know you were doing pattern work but I just wanted to have a little fun 😂😂

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Sorry I had to close I had a grade 5 which knows how to act on Expert server not follow ATC instructions.and my ATC commands were SAFE and correct

Please use the Casual server if you can fly expert and just want to be a… on the X on the training server… we can’t learn anything on the training server over if you’re not following correct commands on the training server thanks for nothing

It makes your feedback rubbish if you can tell me what I’m doing wrong but when I’m doing everything right a zinnia traffic control on a training server and you still just have a disregard because there’s no repercussions if I give you RWY 05 right downwind as a pattern entry why would you do anything else I got you you are my radar I had it under control… but when I see you on Expert you follow every command what a piece of rubbish

Yeah, I’ve been practicing controlling on TS too to prepare to become an IFATC in the future. It can be frustrating sometimes… I deal with some grade 4 pilots who don’t follow instructions on TS as well.

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Open @ KORD Winds 36018G26KT

Open @ RJTT Winds 04007KT

Open @ LPMA Winds 02010KT

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Dont use the 360 command for this purpose again :P

Open @ LIRF

Open @ LGAV

Open @ LTBA @ 1411Z
Winds 02025G38KT

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Coming now

PS, who is the approach controller, who keeps ongaurding me at 3000 feet, while I am on tower frequency?

Must be a random probably