Jeodanie_Smith’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Good day to all. Open at HECA for all traffic. Feedback appreciated.


I’ll try to stop by in a bit. :)


2000 ft pattern alt ok? Shall I fly tighter pattern?

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Great job! Will PM you with a couple of tips. Thanks for having me. Don’t worry about the Air Serbia pilot. He had no regard for you whatsoever.

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Thanks for the service 🤙
I’ll shoot you some feedback in DM.

Love that airport as well!


You really did a pretty good job. DM inbound. :)

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A very big thank you and appreciation for all pilots who came out @ HECA for my 2 hour session.


Open @ YSSY for all traffic…feedback greatly needed and appreciated

Open @ YSSY for all traffic…feedback greatly needed and appreciated

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I’ll come for a few patterns

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Hello @Jeodanie_Smith

I was BAVA446, From what I seen I can see a good controller in you.

I never seen anything I couldn’t fault apart from my flying lol.

Hopefully I will see you on the IFATC team soon!

Thanks…your flying kept me on my toes 😂😂

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Yeah, Was in autopilot and had to
Find my charger so I overshot the turn lol

Don’t worry I was ready to give you a new pattern entry and Runway😂😂🏃

Yeah lol

Thought I may Aswell just depart to the west instead of embarrassing myself even more lol

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😂😂…At first I thought you were departing because my controlling sucked😂😂

No no no

Like I said there is nothing I could fault. Also I’m part of TSATC

I seen it in your callsign lol

Well small world I’m the scheduling assistant for TSATC. I assist in the training server ATC schedule every week so if there’s an airport that you would like to see on the schedule just shoot me a p.m.

Nice! Will pop a DM if there is one I would like to see

Ola, I was MNTH-4TH…

Thanks for controlling, have some questions + of course feedback!


  • Transition which was given is oké. But the appropriate would’ve been 2,500ft. since YSSY is 0ft AGL.
  • Nice that you let @RyanR LUAW while I went RD RWY 34R
  • When I asked for runway change you forgot to re-pattern me to runway 34R, cause you first instructed me to go right downwind of 34L (but you just sequenced me behind @Ethan_Hansen)
  • You said to @RyanR to enter right down wind and sequenced him behind me. Therefore you didn’t need to instruct him that you would call his base. Since he was still on right downwind. If you sequence him behind any pilot/aircraft it’s his responsibility to fly safely hahaha… You can always issue a G/A when it’s needed


  • when I announced a G/A you said go right traffic RWY 34R and then you gave me pattern instruction for RWY 34L, why if I may ask? You could’ve sequenced me behind Ryan… hahah

Anyway, thanks for controlling!