Jeodanie_Smith’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

What am I suppost to do if no pattern work is allowed?

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Depart the contollers’ airspace and land somewhere else

Ok. What is the purpose of this thread? IFATC in the future? (Not meant to sound rude)

Wait a minute correct me if I’m wrong, can you only create a ATC thread if you’re going for a IFATC? I didn’t mean to come off as rude, however I thought pattern work was the choice of the controller. Anyway let’s not make this about pattern work. I opened it to provide ATC services anyone’s welcome to come and depart, just no pattern work. Thanks and make sure that you have a great flight

That is the purpose of an ATC Tracking Thread, yes. To practice for IFATC.

This should provide some clarification regarding tracking threads.


Is it incorrect to have an ATC thread unless you’re going for IFATC?

It is incorrect, yes. Please see the linked topic by @DeerCrusher. 🙂

^ There is a ATC request thread where you can provide your service to people who need it, I’ll link you there in a second.

Well in that case I am practicing for future IFATC, HOWEVER, I want more practice before going to a trainer. 😁

Most training consist of a lot of pattern work yes I understand that I get that sequencing pattern work and understanding a lot of procedures I’m brushing up on other things other than pattern work even though I know the exam is mostly pattern work

Sounds good!

I remember your tracking threads from the past, and it seems you’re doing it again - please, if you want any form of training, allow pattern work. Allowing it encourages traffic to come. If you ever want to get into IFATC, you will need to allow pattern work. 🙂

A session or two without it in the beginning is fine, but I highly recommend allowing it.


I understand that everything is pattetn work and pattern work I get the point am I not allowed to work on other aspects as well

You definitely are, but you won’t get into IFATC without being able to serve pattern work.

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Make sure to check #tutorials or find them on Infinite Flight’s YT channel. Contains very good content about ATC & patternwork.

Best of luck, Swedish.


Yes it’s great to know pattern work but if you’re doing ground and Tower in everybody in the air is doing wonderful with the pattern, what about on the ground I’m working on doing ground stops trying to work without a t i s to get Pilots to the runway that I would like them to go to and looking out for hotspots on the ground. While trying to get pilots to understand that their runway request is just that, a request.

This I know it’s very true because most of the test is pattern work the theory part ask more questions about other than pattern stuff. The practical is basically pattern work

Well, whether or not you allow pattern work is up to you in the end. It’s highly encouraged, however.

Best of luck.

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I won’t be trying out for the exams until I brushing up on some other skills that I need to work on and then I can focus on pattern work more intensely

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