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Oh so on my practical they’re not going to make it easy as Cairo…they’re going to give me a little bit of a headache to see what I can handle it thank you

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And I’m sorry for giving you the exit command only did that because after your speed drop before a certain point I didn’t know what you were doing my apologies

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And as I have a aircraft coming in I need to work on transition to they didn’t request landing they just wanted to go over my head space and I didn’t know what altitude to give them

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This was nothing compared to the practical 😜


Normally a pilot is going to announce it whe he’s on downwind or base.
“CG-004 is on right downwind 05R. Full stop.”

Yeah, on your practical you’re going to have 4 to 5 pilots on 2 runways.

I just had a aircraft asked me for transition and then tell me they going to land how do I handle that do I give him pattern instructions to land or let them fly over my airspace and airport and then be surprised

Issue the aircraft a pattern entry, then sequence them if necessary.

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I get confused because they’re asking for transition within the airspace and then all of a sudden they want to land which one is it

If the aircraft was flying through your airspace and then announced inbound, you do what I stated above.

But what do I do with the aircraft that said they’re transitioning and then all of a sudden your landing and your act you’re within feet for landing or the airport do I give him a frequency change approve or what or go around

What he just said, for instance 3000 feet transition and then if they announce they want to land, give them pattern entry then clear them to land. Sequence if necessary

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Oh I get it is like a aircraft trying to be sneaky you want pattern work but you’re at 3000 ft at the airport at 20 feet above sea level okay what do I do with that

You’re dragging out the same question each time. @anon66442947 and I have answered it several times before. If you’re not understanding what we’re trying to explain I recommend checking out this thread:

I’m lonely dragging out the question because that same link you gave me has been used before and it still happens… so a link means what🙄😂😂😂😂

I’m going to open secretly and see what happens

I forgot you’re always correct I’m wrong be entitled to your opinion my apologies I’m just in control on the learning server we don’t know nothing and y’all or got it correct

There are no opinions there - only procedures. Discussing alternative ways to vector aircraft into an airport is an opinion. Being given a step by step list of what to do when an inbound calls in is not.

And as another FYI (as you’ve been told many, many times both publically and privately), there will be no practical. Not with what we’re seeing here, so focus your efforts on personal betterment for the time being.


Hey sorry for late feedback, but I was iron air 776, couple things I noted…

  • As others have said try and work on your responsiveness as there were a few times where I was waiting for over a min for you to respond, remember that the commands you use often show up on the left and you can just hit them and dont have to go through the entire menu each time

  • I was the plane who requested transition and then called inbound for landing when I reached overhead, as I stated before you need to be quicker in your responses because I requested transition before I entered your airspace but you didnt respond till I had reached the middle ring…

  • Transition altitude you gave me was 5000ft which was to high… remember transiton altitude is always 2500ft above airport elevation to account for the 1500ft max pattern altitude plus the 1000ft for proper separation.


Besides the transition altitude, all the commands I received were correct. Good job on giving a pattern entry when I called inbound. I think the major thing you have to work on in the amount of time it takes for you to respond. If you dont, when it starts to get busy you’re going to get backed up and behind real fast.

GOOD JOB, keep practicing and hopefully you can get more planes up so you can work on sequencing and dealing with inbounds all at the same time

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