Jeodanie_Smith’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Open @ RJTT (Training Server)

NO PATTERN WORK (sorry for the caps. Just wanted to reiterate that point). Please be as so kind to leave the airspace after your departure.

ALL Departures RWY’s 04 & 05
ALL Arrivals RWY’s 34L & 34R

Thanks in advance for allowing me to provide you with ATC service on the training server.

Still open or did not change headline? @Jeodanie_Smith

Still open for 6 hours and counting

Top motivation. I’ll join, 2507

Thanks but please remember there is no pattern work…sorry

Ähm… why you have a Tracking Thread when you dont allow pattern work?

Most people will only join to make some landings ^^ gl :D


Not being funny but last time I checked I thought any member of The Forum can make a ATC tracking thread and it was up to the controller whether they want to allow pattern work or not. Not trying to come off as being rude at all

If you’d like to provide ATC service, and further more to promote it, you should be prepared to offer all services as best as possible. If traffic and weather allow for pattern work, it should not be denied. While there are no formal rules on the training server for ATC, and you can do what you’d like, I strongly believe that not allowing patterns (without proper reasons) is a disservice to the pilots who enter your airspace. In the event that the pattern becomes full, you have commands at your disposal to keep more planes from entering the pattern. But until the pattern is full, traffic builds, or weather deteriorated, why not provide proper ATC service?


If I allowed pattern work I think my workload and stress level would be greatly increased. I don’t mind controlling an airport where traffic is quiet because you only have arrivals and departures without pattern work, especially at such a large airport as Tokyo International. I don’t mind it because the traffic comes and goes in waves sometimes it’s busy sometimes it’s not

I’m not disagreeing with you at all, however I do get to give pattern instructions when I do not have an approach or departure controller I give pattern instructions to my arrivals coming in along with sequences and I’m prepared for go-arounds

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I hear what you’re saying. But you can allow patterns during the slow patches, then if traffic builds, you can turn them off and direct pilots to land or divert


I’ll also be honest with you because I’m controlling on the training server allowing pattern work it becomes a big mess it’s not like I can ghost him or tell him you’re doing something wrong. However we do have new commands such as when you tell a pilot to taxi to a certain Runway and they choose to taxi to another one now the tower can tell them to check their Runway assignment

You know what I didn’t even think of that you’re right and it’s one of the new commands that we can give just in case we start off with pattern work. Thanks a lot


Definitely comes in handy! Happy controlling!

What am I suppost to do if no pattern work is allowed?

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Depart the contollers’ airspace and land somewhere else

Ok. What is the purpose of this thread? IFATC in the future? (Not meant to sound rude)

Wait a minute correct me if I’m wrong, can you only create a ATC thread if you’re going for a IFATC? I didn’t mean to come off as rude, however I thought pattern work was the choice of the controller. Anyway let’s not make this about pattern work. I opened it to provide ATC services anyone’s welcome to come and depart, just no pattern work. Thanks and make sure that you have a great flight

That is the purpose of an ATC Tracking Thread, yes. To practice for IFATC.

This should provide some clarification regarding tracking threads.