Jens_Severin’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ ENBR

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread

Where am i open? ENBR Bergen Lufthavn

Frequency’s? Tower and Ground

I would love feedback
Had to create a new one because I couldn’t edit

Fly safe

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I’ll stop by.
Callsign: MR-NICK

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Alrighty, as this is your first time, you have some things to work on.


Make sure to always sequence aircraft if there is two or more airborne landing on the same runway. When I took back off from my touch and go, you should’ve said, "MR-NICK, Number 2, traffic to follow is on final.


When giving clearances, don’t give them so late. I prefer as soon as I enter the downwind, you call me for the option (or landing). Also, you told me, “Number 1, cleared for the option, runway 17, after the option, make left traffic.” No need to tell me which traffic to make, as you already told me what traffic to make when I took off, ex: "MR-NICK, cleared for takeoff, make left traffic.


I’m not very sure why you told me to “extend upwind”, when there was no need to.
When I am on final, it’s hard for me to maintain best forward speed, as I am trying to get to my landing speed. You probably could’ve just told Lifeguard to make a 360 for spacing, as we were super close.

When I landed, you should’ve called Lifeguard to go-around, as I had just gotten off the runway.

Otherwise, good job, and keep learning!

I also recommend checking this out for more assistance:


Extend upwind was so you didn’t catch up with Likeguard, rest if those I didn’t know, thank you :)

Well, (since you don’t much about sequencing yet,), if you sequenced me, I would’ve known to stay behind him. Always trust the pilots. Good start! :)


Thank you for good feedback:)

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Hey good job, pretty much reiterating what nick said…

  • If there is more then one plane flying ALWAYS sequence, then give clearance for the option. Just saying “number 2, cleared for the option” isnt a sequence

  • You should’ve told me to go around when I was following nick so close as he had just gotten off the runway when my gear touched down, it is hard for an aircraft on final to maintain best forward speed so use the right or left 360 or use the go around command

  • You didnt have to tell me to enter left downwind on my final pattern because I was already in left traffic

and if we are going for realism here, NORWAY never requested anything but you cleared him to land anyway, good job though using the 360 command on him though

-lifeguard 776

Good job, keep practicing :) :) 👨‍✈️👨‍✈️


Still up for some training?

Happy birthday!!!


Thank you @Edivan_dcds :)



Tusen takk;)

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