@Jens_Severin ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Hello there
I’ll be training at various airports
I’d like feedback, and I hope too se you there

Send me a reply here or just send me a PM, do not hesitate to criticize my skills, but do remember I’m still training


How long?

What frequency’s? tower and ground

Hope I see you there
Fly safe
Best regards

Open again

ENZV tower closed due to lack of pilots, hope more people will come next time :(

Open at EBBR for at lest 30 minutes!
Status: closed

Landing rnw:7R
Takeoff rbw:7L

Hey @Jens_Severin,
I was the B737 that was in the pattern.
Two things:

  1. I had requested a departure with remaining in the pattern. That means that I want to do T/Gs, a low approach, stop and go etc. In that case, you do not have to ask me, what my intentions are ;)
  2. For me to do a touch and go or similar, you have to clear me for the option. If you give me a landing clearance, like you did, you “force” me to do a full stop landing.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me.

Have fun controlling!



Oh, that is what cleared for the option means? I didnt know that


I’d recommend looking through these tutorials here. That gives you a general understanding how everything works with great explenations.

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I think @Brandon_Sandstrom is coming

Coming in high and hot?

Ok, opening Brussels Airport again
Open for approximately 30 min

Come by! :)

Sorry, I’m currently ATC for FNF, maybe another time :)

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I’m sorry, I’m in a flight right now from KORD-KSEA landing in 2 hours, maybe next time

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are you open ??

Closed a while ago

I’ll open again, if someone can give me an airport it will be cool

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