Jennifer23's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A { Written Passed } { Practical passed }

            Open @ PHNL 

Unless remaining in the pattern please file a flight plan prior to requesting pushback.

           Thread Status & Info 

Status: CLOSED

Airport: PHNL

Server: Training

Runways: 8L, 8R


Oooooo might come soon


Remember to use 8R for take-off and 8L for landing!

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I couldnt find sequencing lmaooo

Oh they already tookoff 8L

Many TS ATC mess up all the runways and it’s very inefficient…

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@TheGlobalAviator, when doing ATC. You’re required to use every runway if possible. So, sometimes you may not be able to use realism in Infinite Flight

@Jennifer23 I’ll stop by


Ill pop by in 2! :)

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Okie thank you :)

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You are fine with the runways you are using. Only thing is I wouldn’t use 08L left traffic because of terrain.

Also, you had both of us as #2. I believe it was an accident that you sequenced me #2 and it was meant for Raze, but because of it I never turned base and eventually crashed into terrain


Winds are sometimes a problem. And you can’t force people to land on 8R in bad weather since there’s no ILS

Well D-RAZE just cut u off lmao

We still had plenty of spacing. I could’ve still been kept as #1


Yeah he just turned final lmao ur not showing up for me

Okay I’m joining know!

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Yeah, I crashed into terrain because I kept flying downwind, lol

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Major oof XD

Because we were both #2, neither of us could turn base


Would have avoided the collision if you hadn’t been typing on the IFC… haha

Not true… I crashed and then typed the feedback.

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