Jeddah to Jakarta in 10 replay screenshots

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard this Boeing 777-3U3ER with Garuda Indonesia flight GA981 to Jakarta and the sound of 2 General Electric GE90-115B engines to keep us company over the duration of the flight. We’ll be cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet as we fly the full width of the southern part of Saudi Arabia through Oman, over the Arabian Sea, pushing through the most southerly point of India, Sri Lanka, many many miles of Indian Ocean and into Indonesia through south Sumatra, over the Java sea and finally finding our destination in Jakarta, photos taken in order along the way.

We’ll be parking at Terminal 3 Ultimate today. Passengers on connecting flights at terminals 1 and 2, please note there are free shuttle buses available to help you complete your connection.
From myself and on behalf of the crew we wish you a pleasant stay here in Jakarta or a safe onward journey.

Departure: OEJN (King Abdulaziz International Airport) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia).
Arrival: WIII (Soekarno–Hatta International Airport) Jakarta, Indonesia).
Flight time: 9 hours 31 mninutes
Server: Expert.

Good times

1*Jeddah departure

2*Saudi Arabia



5*Sri Lanka

6*Sri Lanka




10*Arrival in Jakarta

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Awesome shots. Really shows how far this app has come in such a short amount of time.

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Amazing shots as always!

Keep it up! Looking forward to more 😉

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Awesome shots as always!

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Awesome pics 👍🏽😄 first one is cool

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You can see so much in IF and go so many places that you might not see in real life

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For sure, that’s the great thing about global ✈️

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A fantastic representation of GAVA! Great as always @Helmethead!

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Always with the great scenery posts!!!

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Those pictures are out of this world!

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Thank you mun.

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Those are some of the most realistic screenshots that I have seen on this forum. It’s amazing, the quality of photos you take. Especially that last one, that would trick someone who didnt know it was in-game!

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Thank you mate :-)

Beautiful :)

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What device are you using? What graphic settings? Those are some stunning photos. My iPhone SE can’t render graphics quite like those. Waiting to get an iPad or a better phone soon.

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Thanks dude. It’s an Apple iPro 2019. It helps to have the modern device, but device aside I also do some soft amendments as well. Never any hard editing - nothing fake added or taken away, just using what’s in the shot with some slight alteration to light, contrast etc if needed. Helps bring out what the scenery can offer and I always insist on not adding any fake stuff to them and just using what’s there :-)

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Wasnt a fan of the 4th pic due to overediting. The other 6 pics are beautiful, very natural color grading.
Well done :)

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Cool! Thanks for the reply.