Jeddah - Manila | OEJN-RPLL | Saudia 870

Good day, long time i didn’t do any long haul for a month ago since i brought the subscription, so at the end of my subscription i would like to do kind of good bye/thank you flight before i back to the real life. Well, i’ll may be back again in a weeks or maybe months from now. So here it’s my flight from Jeddah to Manila. I’ve never expected using B77W smoothly this time, im not ready enough to fly this bird before.

Server: Expert
Flight time: 9 hrs 36 min
Livery: Saudi Arabian Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

*First to third images may require enough brightness

  • Passes through two airports, can you guess?

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Bangkok Don Muang (VTBD) and Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)?

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Yes, you are right

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