Jeddah Airport disappeared!

Hello! Jeddah Airport has all of a sudden disappeared few moments before landing! So I aborted the landing, currently circling over Jeddah waiting for solution! Please help!

  • Clearing Cache Did not work

For me turning airplane mode on for 30secs usually solves it.

I’m afraid the game would crash

From what I have observed during circling, The airport appears when I’m far away, and then disappears when I get close to it!!!

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Now only half of the airport Is visible

I think probably your only option is to quit the flight, restart the app and clear your cache again

Are you sure the visibility is not bad over there?

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Visibility Is 50.00KM

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Try landing… it happens the same in VIDP, not visible till you’re out of the airport

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I’d crash. :/

Use ILS and land

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Are you not seeing taxiways and runways?
Check your storage, check your internet.

I’m flying an A380 :/

Just put the GPS and follow the runway till you can see it

@ran He says the actual airport is disappearing and not due to fog because of the scenery glitching out - @IFflyer I would restart your app and clear your cache again - see if that fixes it

Yes, cannot see It!

I have 100gb of free storage.

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Internet then?

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If you are that scared about crashing your best bet is to end the flight. Your XP and time are saved up to that point.

Are you out of free storage space?
Are you on WIFI or Cellular?


I suggest he should try to land… it could be the same problem like in VIDP… it’s never visible over there

Wifi, but it’s kinda slow at the moment

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