JDupree's ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED @KMYR


KMYR Tower & Ground is now open!

Step out of your confort zone and see us at the beach

Please follow instructions and leave feedback
( Learning purposes so please speak freely )


ill join in 4 minutes so im American 015

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RKSI Tower & Ground now active stop by and please obey instructions !!

My feedback from 10mins at your airspace

  1. Transition at 10000 feet for a sr22 is impossible. Even then your airspace only extends up to 5000 feet AGL.
    Suggestion: Tower Tutorial - Arrivals
  2. You can’t have planes coming in at 16, and taking off of 33R, it doesn’t work that way
  3. I don’t know what you’re trying to do with me, you clear me and then you send me on left downwind with no sequencing
    Suggestion: ATC Testing & Sequencing
  4. Cleared for the option really can help you clear for touch and go’s instead of clearing a touch and go aircraft to land
    Suggestion: Option & Landing- The Clearance
  5. I said my intentions and you cleared me then you asked me again and I don’t even know what to say

I suggest you look at this video series: ATC Pushback Tutorial - YouTube

Watch it, ask questions. Then get back to controlling

Have a good one
Test Flight 689 in the SR22


Thanks for feedback, The A/c going off 336 ignored my command so he took off 33R and when you requested transition i hit 10,000 by mistake couldn’t find the option will continue the practice thanks!

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