JBU51 KBOS-KMCO Pictorial Trip Report

Took my first ride on a jetBlue A321-231 N905JB “Blue Swayed” (JBU’s second ever all core A321ceo) this morning. Will have YT uploads once I get some WiFi going. For now-here’s some pics!

At the gate onboard, legroom/IFE.


Takeoff RWY 27 (TO/GA power today-full flight) thru to TOC


Few bumps along the climb put up to FL320, found smooth air once we hit FL360

Once we hit TOC, we had a beverage and snack service-jetBlue’s specialty!


Landing in MCO was an absolute grease job. Smooth as silk onto 17L and about a 15 min taxi in.

One special pic. I was able to use the FlyFi onboard to not only fly the entire flight on IF, but also use my iPhone to stream LiveATC.net and take direct to’s and vectors! Unfortunately, I got disconnected below 10K on the arrival and couldn’t get it back up and running for landing.

This was my setup-we got Direct to CORNE after SSOXS, then Direct CWRLD after we hit the Florida coast and then I lost both ATC and IF’s connection.

Was a great flight, I’ll have video links when I get a chance! Flying back next weekend on B6252 (hoping for a Neo 😂)

Signing off from Bay Lake Tower!


The NEO is stunning! Lucky you got to fly on the NEO of one of the best airlines in the world, jetBlue. One request though. The #real-world-aviation category limits photos at 10, like most categories here on the community. You have way more than 10, even though they may be cool photos.

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So you didn’t read-I didn’t get on a Neo. I got on 905JB the second ever CEO delivered to JBU. I’ll scoop a few pics out


Beautiful pictures! JetBlue probably has the best Economy Class in the U.S.

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Great report and some beautiful pictures.

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Great report! I haven’t been on a JetBlue flight in a minute but I sure hope to soon. I’ve heard the JetBlue product is great, especially on some A321 flights with the Mint class.

You flew over my house this morning lol. Great views of the city on departure. 😄

Enjoy your time in Orlando.


Hey there! Me and my dad were actually considering doing a flight like this, but instead of flying out of JFK, we would fly out of EWR. We wanted to go to MCO, as it is the closest to the Daytona racetrack, since we are going to watch the Daytona 24HR.

We were checking the tickets and saw that JetBlue might be the best option, and I wanted to ask if it is a good idea flying with jetblue. If you are curious, currently competing with JetBlue is United, Frontier, and Spirit (and they have no overhead access)

Help would be very appreciated and thanks for this review, these pictures were really cool to see!


It’s outstanding Nathan. What waypoint are you under? I’m under the 4L/R approach inside of IRSEW and 22L/R departures turn over my street and 27 departures I can see out my back window.

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Please don’t do that to yourself. Do yourselves a solid and go with jetBlue, the product is outstanding even in regular economy. I’d recommend the Blue fare-you can pick your seats.

You’ll also get free snacks, soft drinks and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!


Unless you’re flying first class (which United’s the only one out of the 4 to offer it on the route) go with JetBlue.


+1 I wouldn’t fly any other airline in domestic economy-MAYBE Delta. MAYBE-but the legroom is still an inch or more less depending on the aircraft.

Just east of WYLYY. That’s the fix on the 27 SIDs.

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Really love that sunrise! 🌅 Great Trip report! :)

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They don’t use the WYLYY much anymore-very rarely. It was the FIRST RNAV SID at KBOS. I remember when it was either LOGAN4 or WYLYY2

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From your photos, JetBlue’s seats look comfier than United’s first class which I have seen before on a 737.

And yes indeed I will choose JetBlue! Thanks for the help @FBWFTW & @Ishrion!

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Great shots! Really liked the report. I have feedback to make your posts better though.

It’s butter 😜

Just kidding great post

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Feedback noted and promptly ignored
Glad you enjoyed the report!



Keep in mind I was in Even More Space seats-which indeed are better than a UA 737 in F class-I’ve experienced both.

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That wasn’t my best one-I think my iPhone 11 Pro Max made it look a ton better.

THIS was my best sunrise on jetBlue.


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Tip noted and ignored.

Real AvGeeks say butter 😜