Jbarbs ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED) in Expert server.

Yes sir I am. Yeah that’s my user name.

Sorry for a short session… managed to crash my plane doing tight patterns. Everything was spot on, well done!

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Good job!👍👍🤜

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Thanks guys!

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@Maxim I sometimes wanna put both planes when I get two on the same runway so I can sequence them. Is it a bad move to change you guys around how I want you? Or should I wait for you to ask a runway change request?

@KFLL Wind 06009KT. 10sm visibility. arrivals and departures RWY 10L and 10R. Pattern work accepted. Intersection departures allowed. Advise on initial contact you have information Foxtrot. 🤣

Why do I get these? They try to talk to me?

Come do some patterns!

BEAU-TI-FUL! Very good sequencing and rwy changes, good transition, you kept the spacing between the planes, good frequency handover. Shall I continue…😁. The only thing I can say now is, up to the expert server!!! Cheers, oo-lxv.

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Thanks man I appreciate it! I wanted to take a minute to assess the situation before I cleared you when the 2 other’s were coming in. Slowing down and not jumping to conclusions has helped me a lot lol

No, it’s completly okay and even encouraged to utilize all the equipment you as a controller have; things like multiple runways etc. For example, if you have 3 planes on one runway (eg 10R) with no traffic on the other (10L), it’s better to change the runway for one of the aircraft (to 10L).

@KFLL winds 07009kt using 10L/10R. Come try and give me a hard time lol. I’ll be on for a few hours.

@LIRP using 04L 04R. Training server.

KBOS using 22R/L 27 15R/L

Moved to approach at KORD

Open at KFLL USING 10L AND 10R

Somebody come do some patterns!

I am training to become IFATC. Stop by and give me some practice @WMKK. Using runways 32R, 32L and 33. Intersection departures allowed. Pattern work accepted. Advise on contact you have Echo.

@KEYW using 27

@PHNL using 08L&R. Winds 150@07 Stop by for a departure or pattern!