Jbarbs ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED) in Expert server.

Thank you for the help all! I am practicing for IFATC. I’ve passed the written but need to work on my traffic control. The help from this community is awesome! Thanks in advance to anybody that helps me! I’ll be on later tonight. I’ll update the post when ready.

I’ll be at KAZO for a half hour. Pattern work is welcome!

All feedback is welcomed

Came for a couple of T&Gs, wasn’t a lot of traffic unfortunately. Just one thing to look out for that I noticed, make sure to clear the aircraft for the option every time they perform a T&G. You forgot to clear me on my last one. Other than that, spot on. Great ground awareness with the runway crossings - you sent the crossing commands before I could even request them. Good job!

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I’ll be at KBTL. Patterns are welcome! Using RWY 23R and 23L. Wind is 230@05kt. Thanks!


Overall, you did a pretty good job… Just a few things.

  • On both of my runway change requests, it took you a good 10-15sec to give me a new pattern entry, not a huge deal, but something to work on.
  • On both of my patterns, you cleared me twice, only need to clear once per circuit.
  • Remember, in each runway change, you need to provide a new exit direction.
  • Pattern entry and sequence were good, but you sent them separately, you could’ve sent the pattern entry and the sequence together :)

In general, not too bad… Just a few little things to clean up, nothing major. May I recommend joining ATCEG? It is an ATC education group that will give you more traffic at your sessions, and a great environment with many IFATC members to learn in… Here is a link, good work!


I’m gonna do a few patterns as well. Spawning in :)

When i reported that i was on final for a full stop, you did the right thing to tell him to maintain slowest practical speed, but he was at that 3km mark, which meant i had PLENTY of time to exit the runway for him to do his T&G. Also, you knew i was on full stop, so an exit runway call would’ve been nice but once u saw i was off, you gave me that contact ground command.

Thanks for the pattern, dinner called me to leave early, so sorry about that :)

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Thanks for the info and feedback I appreciate it! I’ll get better eventually lol. Flying in real life helps with knowing the radios. Little different sitting in the tower than just listening for your tail number tho 🤣

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I got about 20 minutes of my lunch for practice. Thanks if you come join!

At KTKI using RWY 17 and 18. Stop by for some patterns.

Thnx for the good service at KTKI! If I see the chance I 'll hop in next time. Cheers! oo-lxv

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At KTOL using 07

At KTYS for some practice. Using 05L and 05R. Stop by and give me some practice!

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@KFLL Wind 07007KT. 10sm visibility. arrivals and departures RWY 10L and 10R. Pattern work accepted. Intersection departures allowed. Advise on initial contact you have information Foxtrot. 🤣🤣

Are you still opened? Just spawned but it says the controller is Turbo McProp. Is this you?

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Yes sir I am. Yeah that’s my user name.

Sorry for a short session… managed to crash my plane doing tight patterns. Everything was spot on, well done!

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Good job!👍👍🤜

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Thanks guys!

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