Jazzy Liveries


Hi people. I found some of these really cool liveries on the Internet and I thought that IF could do with them because they look really cool.


1 feature request per topic please!


It’s all preference but I personally find all but the Nok Air and Icelandair liveries unpleasing to at least me.


Wow, really? I love the Icelandair livery, I would go as far as saying its gorgeous! Although, not to sure on the Nok Air livery.


I find Icelandair & Horizon Air livery awesome!

Icelandair’s one reminds me of my flight back from San Francisco (AF083/084). Night sky over the Atlantic Ocean is just beautiful…


“All but the nok air and icelandair liveries unpleasing to me”

The but exempts nok air and icelandair.

I love Hekla Aurora. Not my favorite, but I love it. Waiting for it to fly to JFK…

Apologies if I misspelled the livery name