Jazzy JFK Fly-Out

There’s no fighting

There was, but perfect. Glad to hear everything is good now! I’ll get to everyone’s requests soon!

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Maybe to you it was, but I felt that there wasn’t hahahah

But I have other options I wanna join👀

I know, just joking hahah

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You are signed up!

Everyone is signed up!

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Sorry Cant attend anymore

So excited!! Mind if I feature this in a spotting vid or is someone already doing it?

Btw i counted 44 attendees! Queite a lot!

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I was looking forward to this but I can no longer attend

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No problem at all! I’ll see you next week at St Thomas!

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American flies a 737-max 8 to Bermuda from jfk in the winter and an a319 in the summer could I get either an AA 737-800 (sub in for the max 8) or an aa a319 to Bermuda

its gatwick

i’ll take this one

Can I switch to this please?

Hi @Duke, I see that you’ll be ATC at this event. Just wondering at what time will you be online? I will be flying in at JFK before the event starts.

Hello! @Duke is no longer able to do ATC, I’m working on finding someone. The post is now uneditable, but everyone is signed up!

Ohh, im sorry to hear that, I hope you find someone!

UPDATE: @Rybegame will be controlling, happy to have another NYC native doing it!

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Hello, I am new to these events. Can I ask you how does it work? Would like to take gate B28 (to mexico city). Thank you!

Hey can i be a planespotter at this event?