Jazzy JFK Fly-Out

Hey, I won’t be able to make it since I caught a level 3 violation today for no reason from a controller who couldn’t handle Lisbon. Please free up my T5 gate bound for SXM 🙃

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Sorry to hear that! If you feel the violation was issued wrong, please contact @appeals.

I did, and as usual, they took sides with the controller.

Can I take this pls

I’ll take it!

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Can I do Swiss a330 to Zurich?

i take this man

Do u mind If I can swap this for the Singapore one😅

But there’s no more Singapore one available tho

That’s why I’m requesting to change it so plus the hawaiin a330 livery hasn’t been added

I don’t understand, there are no more gates with Singapore Airlines

Did you not read it’s called a request🤦

And you plan on flying an unrealistic route? You don’t have to be rude

I’m sorry if I’m being rude🙏 I requested to change it for the singapore route.

lol, there’s already 3 ppl including me flying SQ🤣

Just curious, what route and aircraft do you plan on doing if you change to SQ? 😅

I think you already know the answer😅

I’m also flying it because WSSS is featured the day we arrive

Just don’t be flying an A380 on the direct flight to WSSS hahahah

If I was I’d go through Frankfurt but they don’t use the A388 for it anymore🥲

I’m also considering applying for SVG as well

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You can join me to Frankfurt and then to WSSS!

We would love to have you onboard with us at SVG 👀

Please don’t fight on this thread y’all. It was a perfectly reasonable request.