Jazzy JFK Fly-Out

Thats it. Just ask for a gate and they put you down at that gate

What @MAviationYT said! I can no longer edit the topic, but you are down!

and sure @MAviationYT!

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Thank you guys :)


I can no longer attend

Can i actually switch to this one?

Hey, can you change me from my current slot to this but to Chicago instead? Thanks!

Can I add a route and airline of my choice pls you can give me any gate

Everyone is signed up! If you still get a tag and aren’t attending, don’t be alarmed.

Yes, that would be amazing!

Hello everyone! The event is coming up in a few hours! I am so excited to see you all. Please spawn in 15 minutes before the event time at XX:45! Thank you so much, see you then!

Gate User
A02 @corgi_doodle_YT
A03 @iJazzyman
A05 @Akshay_sai
A06 @M1llard
A07 @MarcosHazard


Gate Destination User
07 Sarasota @Anthony_Gulluscio
08 Las Vegas @Qantas327230
11 Savannah @CurtM
12 Charleston @RagonDragon
18 Fort Lauderdale @NonStopsAviation
20 Tampa @Oklahoma1
23 Bermuda @Olivia12
24 Kansas City @FlyWithDanilo
30 Sint Maarten @T.Malone
Gate Destination User
02 Reykjavik @Icey
03 Athens @whyevenbothernaming
06 Frankfurt @CedricFlys
09 Montreal @Captain_Lufty
02 London Gatwik @Ben_Walsh
03 Auckland @Olivia12
04 London City @MAviationYT
06 Rome @Pino_Costa
07 Miami @Chaser





These are your original gates: feel free to carry on with the one you wanted to switch to, as long as you don’t take someones gate!


Please look at the post above, sorry about the pings, they didn’t work.


Excited to see you all in 5 hours!


I know it’s late but can I change my destination to Raleigh-Durham (RDU) @Delta174J

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Hi @Delta174J i remark a issue, if I spawn gate 1 @Worotho94 can’t spawn so what can we do ? Do you give us another gate ?

Hello! You can spawn at gate 9 at T1.

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gate 9 at T1 doesn’t exist

Sorry I can’t make it to the fly out. Have a good time and safe flights everyone.

@Delta174J i won’t be able to make it apologise

Not sure if ill able to attend but i’ll see

You can spawn in then after they push. :)

I will not be flying today, but I will still be supervising the event!